Virtual Learning Begins Grades 9-12

BHS, BTEC and Alternative School Move to Virtual Learning 12/14
Posted on 12/11/2020
Dear Pirate Community:
I want to make you aware of instructional delivery changes we will implement at Boonville High School, BHS Alternative School, and BTEC.
Beginning Monday, December 14th the high school, Alternative School, and BTEC will move to virtual instruction for the remainder of 1st semester. Last evening and this morning our health team received and reviewed health data specifically regarding high school age students. We have seen a significant increase within the past 24 hours in the number of high school age students ordered to quarantine or isolate as well as an increase in COVID-19 community transmission rates of high school age students. Our Health Team, Administrative Team, and Board of Education President all believe moving to virtual instruction for the remainder of the semester is the most responsible decision we can make for our students and staff.
PLEASE NOTE: THIS CHANGE ONLY PERTAINS TO BHS, BTEC, AND ALTERNATIVE HS STUDENTS. LSE, David Barton, and Hannah Cole Primary Schools are not impacted or changing instruction at this time. We continue to have very low rates of students in isolation or in quarantine at LSE, DB, and HCP.
All high school extracurricular activities and practices will be paused through December 25th. Middle school sports and activities are NOT impacted at this time. We will reevaluate the situation at that time to determine if high school extracurricular activities can be resumed after December 25th.
At this time, in-person instruction for all students will resume Tuesday, January 5th, 2021.
All BHS and BTEC students will continue to report virtually to all classes at regular assigned class times each day. Teachers will provide virtual instruction through Zoom for each class period, for a minimum of 20 minutes, each day. Students can access the Zoom lessons through their own Google Classroom account. Students are to log on to classes at the beginning of each class period. Teachers will take attendance daily.
We are developing plans for hotspot distribution and meal distribution and will share information soon. We will provide hotspots to students who need them to access technology at home. We are sending a survey to complete if you need a hotspot. You may also contact Technology Assistant, Julie Kueckelhan at: [email protected]. Additionally, we are sending a survey to complete for student meal service during the virtual instruction period. Parents may also contact Food Service Director, Glenda Curnutte at: [email protected].
This is extremely disappointing. Our District has experienced bumps this semester and I had hoped we would make it another seven days. Thank you for your continued diligence to protecting the health of our students, staff, and Pirate community.
Many wishes for good health,