Boonville High School Updates

As of October 2020:

  • Kitchen epoxy flooring is complete.
  • Roof replacement is complete for interim stage- will finish when connector is finished.
  • New ADA ramp installed for restroom access during athletic events.
  • South parking lot resurfacing and painting is complete.
  • Science classrooms and lab space were completely remodeled (see video below.)

In progress as of December 2020:

  • BHS/BTEC connector ground is prepared and construction work is underway (estimated completion 8/21.)
  • BHS new front entrance (brick and stucco, electrical, mechanical,doors estimated completetion 12/20.)
  • Boys locker room will demo existing lockers, new floors, new CMU base.

As of March 2021: 

  • Locker room repairs are mostly complete- partial new flooring, new lockers.
  • BHS/BTEC Connector is making progress. Estimated completion date 8/21.
  • BHS hallway lockers demolition/install over summer 2021.
  • Entrance is mostly complete-waiting on parts from shipping delays.


**Video produced by Jodie Bass, BHS Multimedia student**