Director of Food Service

Glenda Curnutte, Director of Food Service

Photo of Glenda CurnutteGlenda Curnutte is the Food Service Director for the Boonville School District and has been working for Boonville schools for six years. Curnutte is a graduate of Boonville High School-Class of 1978, which was also the last class to attend high school in what is now LSE. She is the mother of two daughters and the grandmother of four grandchildren. When asked about her favorite memories from working in Boonville Schools she said,”I have a lot of good memories, the people we work with, the pranks that get played and the kids.  Seeing kids go from Hannah Cole or David Barton and now they are grown adults in high school.  Seeing how they change and grow. Just can just amaze you!  If you want the cold hard truth just go to Hannah Cole and spend some time with the little kids. They have no problem telling it like it is. Hilarious!”

By Alyssa Fitzgerald, Pirate Press Reporter